Game Over screens transitioning to start menus need to die

Today I was playing Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. I was fighting a boss that needed an absurd amount of time sitting still to cast a spell to defeat, and I kept constantly getting reamed by several attacks that in 2 hits would kill my character… Now that part is neither here nor there. The very fact that this part of the game exists is obnoxious, and pretty poorly thought out, but not as shoddily realized as the way Game Over screens are handled in this game and many others. Continue reading

An enemy appears!


Here is the second of my two primary characters so far. Look at him, looking so smug like he owns the joint. This guy was created out of my ire for the “punks” that hang out around the modern day St. Marks pl. The ones who don’t know how to hammer a stud into a boot and beg for your money while wearing $200 + jackets… yeah suffice it to say, he is going to get his ass kicked, repeatedly.

And a note from today. Reminiscing about the Final Fantasy series got me pretty annoyed at the decline of the series since FF VII. Without the dream team of Sakaguchi, Uematsu and Amano, the series, much like the Simpsons, just needs to end already. Why put the current game on multiple discs, when you could fit a far superior game on an SNES cartridge?