And now for something a little different…

knockdown sketch

I have been trying to make a getting knocked down sprite for a few days now, and end up keep going to sleep unsatisfied. Today I decided to fire up the old Sketchbook pro and dick around for a bit. I always forget that sometimes its just easiest to sketch out an idea and then recreate it in sprite form… in fact that is the preferred method.

I ended up with this after I decided to keep going after the basic sketch was done. I hope you enjoy it.

Another enemy appears to join the fight!

This guy’s name, as of right now, is Ugly John Lennon. He is a bit of a hipster loser hanging out on the streets of the Lower East Side with cut off T-shirt sleeves, a gut, tight jeans, a big old belt buckle and a face not even his momma could love. He is a standard grunt enemy with straight forward attacks.

I’m sure many (any?) people are wondering just exactly what all of these characters are going to be participating in… but that’s for a later date to truly dive into. Let’s just say it’s an old school beat ’em up… with a twist.

Deconstructing the game: Hotel Dusk: Room 215

Hotel Dusk is a hard game to judge. It is essentially an advanced interactive choose your own adventure book with little bits of exploration and adventure game type gameplay here and there. The story is absolutely integral to the game, more so than many others, and how much you enjoy the story and characters will either wreck the game entirely or make it one of the more enjoyable games you have played. In the end I had a more positive than negative experience with the game where the negatives ended up being far outweighed by what was good about the title. This may surprise you as you read on. Continue reading

Deconstructing the game: Bayonetta

As with the 1st DtG, I will only write one of these once I have beaten a game as a way to go back and reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of a games playability, pacing, etc. These “articles” from now on will pretty much ignore what the game looks or sounds like because in the the end graphics and sound are usually far down the list for what makes a game “good” to me.

After buying Bayonetta on launch date, booting it up for a bit and then picking it up again several months later, I finally beat the damn game and I had a great time doing it. Bayonetta is a game that I bought with a bit of hesitance because I didn’t initially know how I was going to feel about it. With Devil May Cry 3’s horrific difficulty still fresh in my mind, I feared for the worst with this one, but pulled the trigger because I have a soft spot for Platinum Games’, well, games. Thankfully I was pleasantly surprised with a game with a perfect default difficulty level that required intelligent playing to get better scores, but even when not at my best I could still manage to checkpoint to checkpoint my way through stages. Continue reading