Some very rough production art

Brad Production Art

This is the character that I have worked the most on, in some ways the “hero” character, though there are 3 protagonists to choose from. Right now I’m roughing out a mock layout for a picture of all three characters for my fiancĂ©e to redraw and actually make look presentable, but I kinda like how this has been coming out.

What do you think?

Deconstructing the Game: Darksiders

Darksiders had a lot of buzz leading up to its release because it was “God of War meets Zelda”. Then come review time the game was penalized for that very same reason because it wasn’t original enough. You know what? Screw the press, because Darksiders is a great Zelda-esque game with a heavy emphasis on varied high energy fighting and not God of War meets anything because, as I will always say, God of War is not a standard bearer except for how the industry ignores innovators when something more to their liking comes along. How else would people ignore Devil May Cry and Castlevania on PS2 and Ninja Gaiden on Xbox when they were the true innovators of 3D violence with God of War being, much like Darksiders, a coalescing of action game features.

Despite all of the comparisons to other games, Darksiders is a great game on its own merit. The designers might have had Zelda on the brain in many not so subtle ways when planning the game, but the finished product apes ideas from a bunch of games/genres to create a game that feels like a natural progression of where the action adventure genre should be moving toward and not just like an overly derivative rip fest. Continue reading