Gaming Blurbs: Post PAX East thoughts

This post is now very late, I know. A post I meant to put up around the close of PAX kinda got lost in crunch hours & other stuff, but probably for the better, because I have actually just now finally seen some of the results of what PAX can do.

PAX East was interesting for me because it was the first time I had been at a non industry-only games convention. I went to NYCC last year, but that show, despite having a ton of games around, just wasn’t focused enough on games for me to get a real vibe of what was really hitting home. Even Marvel’s booth was kind of a mess with Marvel Super Hero Squad Infinity Gauntlet as a prominently featured title, most likely strictly for the kiddies, which just goes to show the caliber of titles on display. Besides the Capcom booth with MVC3 and getting Inafune’s signature, there wasn’t anything at NYCC that I was very excited about.

I went to PAX East to demo games and see the sights in between 20 minute demo sessions. Old Republic blared just outside my booth, Child of Eden pleased crowds directly across from me and a sea of hired agency/actual company employees intermingled with hordes of fans eager to try out everything and anything. Continue reading

From concept to sprite

The drawing you see here is a design that I labored over for awhile back when this game wasn’t a simple(r) 8 bit brawler but instead a brawler that, while on a 2D plane, might have used shading similar to SF IV (or even high res sprites) which was a foolish idea, especially for a first game creation project. I know the art doesn’t look all that great from a technical stand point (coloring sucks first off) and certain things might be super wrong about the anatomy but I think the design here is very strong. Very iconic and easy to then turn into a sprite of the character, which is the most important factor in using the design in the first place.

What do you think?