A closer look at the game creation process for Glorious Ending Cinematic – Molyjam 2012

You may have seen this image before (hell it’s 2 posts down) as a part of my thoughts on the MolyJam 2012. After creating the header image I realized it was better suited for a post that was about the game itself and how I went from a vague tweet to a strangely twisted game concept, and finally, a “finished” thing all in a weekend, with only 2 guys with one computer working on it. Continue reading

My side, side project: If I Were…

When I came home from GDC I decided I was going to make a couple of games. One about a rampaging cactus, the other about how things would be if I could turn into a battletoad. I didn’t want to divert time from Treachery in Beatdown City, so I had to do this alone and rather than going with tried and true Game Maker, I decided to give Construct 2 a try (html 5 is fucking great and cross platform, as I learned from my team mate Vikram when working on the universe within…). Continue reading

A look back at my Molyjam 2012 NYC experience

Moly Jam

This past weekend I participated in the New York City branch of the first ever “Molyjam”, a game jam based on the tweets of “@petermolydeux”, the parody account that is known for vague and sometimes entertaining game design ideas to mock Peter Molyneux, a game designer who is infamous for coming up with (but not really delivering on) all manner of vague and overly ambitious game design concepts.

Ever since participating in my first game jam, the Global Game Jam 2012, and going to GDC, I have been itchy to just create experimental games, so I pretty much had to see what I could do during Molyjam, provided it made it’s way to New York City. I was surprised to see it blow up from a Google doc to a world wide event and that just further cemented my need to take part in it. Thanks to Ben Johnson, a local game designer, and Parsons/The New School, the MolyJam became a real thing in New York City and thus began my second game jam, which ended up being quite different from my first. In the end I had a new game to show off, and I’m again, very proud of that.

So here are my observations and overall thoughts on how the whole thing panned out for me, including stuff specifically about the MolyJam as well as analysis of working on the game we ended up finishing, “Glorious Ending Cinematic”. Continue reading