I present you with screenshots (!) for Treachery in Beatdown City!

Now, bear in mind, this is all very early. The HUD is nowhere near complete and there’s a bunch of debug text and back end stuff present for tracking how things are working… but right now the fight is playable, and you can beat up a couple of guys… if they don’t kick your ass first.

First screen, showing Brad pounding John’s face in. Right now we’re just playtesting using a single enemy sprite, but we will avoid having the same enemies together in fights, or if an enemy does repeat, one will be carrying a weapon.

Second screen shows Brad on the opposite end of the beatdown stick. Continue reading

Sprite animation: 2 badass women showing off their fighting skills

First up is an enemy character, a blond haired, leopard print wearing scrapper… I don’t have a name for her yet. As with most of the enemy designs, she’s loosely based on a quick sketch I made of a person I saw walking down the street one day. I added some purple here and there and BOOM, new character. I went back and forth with the hair between keeping the wavy fro vs. a flat top (which seems all the rage these days, where are we, 1991?), but I think it came out pretty well.

Her one-two attack is a nail scratch attack that can cause a bleeding type status effect, influenced almost completely by my brief stint with Marvel Avenger’s Alliance. Status effects are going to play heavily in the pacing of battles in Treachery in Beatdown City.

Next is a character you’ve already seen, Lisa Santiago.

Here she’s showing off her boxing/MMA roots with boxing style jabs followed by an uppercut plus some MMA style leg kicks to slow her opponent down and a clinch grab followed by some face punches to that no good punk (who also doesn’t have a name yet).

Hope you like the animations, let me know what you think in the comments or on twitter!

My thoughts on Indie Game the Movie.

It has been close to two months since I saw Indie Game the Movie for my second time. I had previously seen the movie four months prior during the Game Developers Conference 2012 at a screening in the Moscone Center but I wanted to see it a second time before making any full judgment on it. This time it was on my home turf at the IFC Center in NYC. Now it’s been a hectic time since I saw it, what with E3 and whole lot of other things, but now I finally have some time to dedicate to writing my thoughts on it.

So what do I, Shawn Allen, a gaming aficionado who also really loves film think of Indie Game the Movie? Well when I first saw the movie I thought it was great. Well told, well shot, great music, meaningful and without any glaring flaws. I felt inspiration, happiness, relief, empathy and a whole lot of relatedness with the people featured in the film. I see a lot of these sentiments mirrored by so many people online as well, which is good, for the most part, I guess.

After my initial reaction had time to simmer and the wow of just simply being at my first GDC wore off (days after returning from it, even) my initial feelings began to change and I started to think about the movie on a deeper level. Then after seeing the movie for a second time, this time with my wife, I was able to formulate a much more complex analysis of the movie and everything surrounding it. Continue reading