Things I wrote last year that aren’t posted here

Hey, so happy 2013. I’m planning on writing a post about my experiences in 2012, but for now, here’s some writing that was published on the New York Game Critic’s Circle and Unwinnable last year.

A perhaps overly hyperbolic review of one of my favorite games of 2012, Darksiders 2.

How the Indie Half Lives, a post about my financial struggles around September 2012 just before heading out to Indiecade

A less academic, more outsider culture focused look at Practice, the NYU Game Design conference

A look at when Hitman Absolution lost my interest

Thanks for taking a look, and hopefully I can post more in 2013!

Global Game Jamsterfuck 2013 New York City Hyper Edition

Next weekend is the Global Game Jam 2013, an event that I have been looking forward to for pretty much the entirety of the last year. Despite all of the shit that has happened to me, events that have thrown me headfirst into running my own company and developing a big (yet small) game project, the itch to sit down and jam out a game over the weekend has stuck with me, and what better time than the best known (in the US at least) game jam, the Global Game Jam?

Game jams are cool, they get creative juices flowing and give pretty much anyone the opportunity to just jump in and make a game. As someone who worked primarily on videos at a game company, far away from the guts of the code, last year allowed me to jump in, help focus a team, come up with a game idea, work on art for the game and feel completely included in the design process.

Recently I have started to question participating in the jam, however. Continue reading