A look back at my Molyjam 2012 NYC experience

So yeah, don’t be afraid to get rid of as much as possible, as long as you keep your core idea in tact.

Show your stuff off, even if it isn’t “finished”: Don’t let your pride stop you from showing off your idea, especially if it’s very close to “done”. I did, and I kinda regret it. Though apparently over 50 people have downloaded our game, I haven’t spoken to a single person (or had anyone on twitter mention anything) to get any feedback on it (outside of my friends/family), and that’s unfortunate.

My old Global Game Jam buddy Vikram told me I should just show it off because it looked cool, and I should have listened.

Finish, even if a bit late. By the end of the weekend, because of a myriad of set backs primarily based around being a 2 man team with only one laptop to work on, we weren’t done. And by done I mean there were things that I really didn’t want to show off the game without them in it, mostly a more descriptive nature to the text actions.

So about a day later over the course of a few more hours I was able to throw in the writing (and removed an option string that didn’t quite play out well enough) that I really wanted to be in there to really make the game what I wanted it to be. It wasn’t a lot, but I really think it was that slight amount of polish that we could have had if we had a second computer available at all times and it would have been something that I wouldn’t have been so reticent about showing off the day before. And at the end of the day, it’s another project that I can show off.

In the end I’d say the event was a nice successful jam because really, as long as we have a space to meet and talk, that’s all you really need for a game jam. Even though I don’t always find the molydeux twitter account as hilarious or interesting as other people do, I was able to find at least one idea I really liked and do something with it. I’m looking forward to next year with a little bit more planning, organization and hopefully more participants. You have to start something to have it annually, and I’m thankful to have been apart of a collective mind of creators showing off their works from another weekend game jam.