About Nuchallenger: Nuchallenger LLC is a New York City based label for games and other creative works. Our current title being worked on is Treachery in Beatdown City. Nuchallenger was founded by Shawn Alexander Allen. A goal for Nuchallenger as a company is to grow into a company that will educate, employ and empower those who do not have voices in the games industry.

About the founder: 

I’m Shawn Alexander Allen, founder of NYC based Nuchallenger where I work on a daily basis to develop my own games, including (but not limited to) Treachery in Beatdown City & Corporate Vandals. (my first game jam game, made with 4 other talented folks, was featured on Kotaku).


I used to work at Rockstar Games on production side work, mostly working on game trailers that have been seen by millions of people.

As an independent developer I have been involved in game design, art direction, graphic/type design, sound design, marketing a successful kickstarter for >$50K (and an unsuccessful one, too, for the same game!), PR resulting in numerous articles, trailer editing/creation, streaming, the works.

As a play tester I have an acute sense of when a game’s options menu sucks, or the game feel is just off.

I speak/write about race and representation in the games industry working with people of varying backgrounds to continue the conversation and work to get more creators and creations to reflect the diversity of the world that we live in.

I also run a podcast where I go even deeper and highlight specific micro and macro aggressions in narrative, design, and marketing of games, comics and other pop culture.

Twitter: @anuchallenger