Peace, I’m Shawn Alexander Allen. IMG_20160527_221154_01

I’m a hip-hop obsessed visual artist, designer, writer, and speaker. I have ~13 years experience directly working in games, with experience working both independently and in the corporate world. 

I recently launched Treachery in Beatdown City on Nintendo Switch & PC as the game designer/producer/artist/writer/business/marketing/QA manager person for the game.

Previously I worked at Rockstar Games for close to 5 years, working on game trailers that have been seen by millions of people. I also voiced & wrote a few characters, advocated for game design changes, and brought up critical game balancing issues. This is because I can’t work on games in any one fashion without yearning to see the best game possible. 

Currently I am a producer, designer, and live ops manager on Free to Play mobile games and VR projects for a big company.

In total I have over 13 years of experience in games, from large scale AAA games selling tens of millions of copies to tiny game jam games, and everything in between.

Resume available upon request.

Speaking and Writing

My focus used to be speaking and writing about race and representation in the games industry. I have transitioned to focusing on how these things overlap and can/might/possibly/should inform game design (at least, my own). 

I am an international speaker, having spoken at numerous conferences/institutions including the Game Developers Conference, AMAZE Fest, Indiecade, NYU, PAX, SXSW, NXNE, and Depaul University.

If you want to book me for speaking, feel free to email me at shawn at nuchallenger dot com. 

Please note: I don’t do Advocacy/Diversity talks anymore, because I don’t think those do anything. I found that direct action is better than spending years talking about it. 

Mentorship / Organizing

To that end, I am also a co-organizer of the Game Devs of Color Expo, the first games conference in Harlem.

Non-commercial Projects

On the independent side I have been involved in game design, art direction, graphic/type design, sound design, marketing a successful kickstarter, trailer editing/creation for independent games, and consulting on culture & “diversity and inclusion” as well. I even made a commissioned board game that ended up in the Museum of the Moving Image.


I also make political art.

You can find me here – Twitter: @anuchallenger