Thanks to Kickstarter, the future of Nuchallenger is bright!


Just a few weeks ago Treachery in Beatdown City was funded on Kickstarter, thanks to a warm outpouring of support by the industry and an incredible rally by people wanted to see the game get made. I am very thankful for all of the support that was shown during that time, and we are working toward getting into the full swing of things.

In other news, I (Shawn) am still working toward spreading the word about getting more black and Latino people (and hopefully even more underrepresented people) into the games space, or at least encouraging them that it is a thing they can do.

In April I spoke at NYU GameCenter about the topic, and will continue visiting other events such as NXNE & GaymerX to spread the word among as many people as possible. 

You can make games, too, the Nuchallenger initiative to actively encourage those who buy games to work toward making them (disproportionately black and Latino) will have more news in the year ahead.

We also have a few plans for some other projects, should other outside funding be made available to bring on necessary staff. This kickstarter, and Treachery in Beatdown City, are but steps on the long road being taken to grow Nuchallenger from a small, 1 person company, into a force to encourage and show that those without voices in the games industry are only that way because of a lack of tools (and not just software), information, zeal, feeling of self worth, etc. can and should be a part of the conversation as well. Things will only get better!

Thanks to everyone who got us to this point right now.