GG Jamsterfuck 2013 NYC Hyper Edition Pt 2. The Aftermath Vol. 1

Last weekend was the Global Game Jam 2013. After much bemoaning and debating on my part during the week leading up to it I eventually had to relegate myself to the side lines. Despite my want to take part, a lot of key factors made me have to walk away and just sit it out. This first post is about the personal and professional factors with the next post centered around the more ideological reasons.

Waking up on Friday I felt the now all too familiar feeling of excessive sleep deprivation from the week of work prior. Working on my game project as a profession instead of an after work hobby has extended most of my days well into the night, far longer than before. It was upon awakening that I began to realize that the weekend before me would not include game jammin’.

It was more than a straight lack of sleep, of course, that was on my mind. The reality was that I’m just too busy with my job working on my game project as is. It’s become my life, and much like any game project, big or small, it keeps me from being with my family as much as I would like. That’s definitely a choice that I have made and it is a sacrifice that everyone around me has to deal with, but at the same time, am I seriously supposed to expect them to be fine with me actively choosing to engross myself even further in game development, this time as an aside from my current project? Doing so would be thoughtless and immature even if my family would have supported me, as they always do. Continue reading

Global Game Jamsterfuck 2013 New York City Hyper Edition

Next weekend is the Global Game Jam 2013, an event that I have been looking forward to for pretty much the entirety of the last year. Despite all of the shit that has happened to me, events that have thrown me headfirst into running my own company and developing a big (yet small) game project, the itch to sit down and jam out a game over the weekend has stuck with me, and what better time than the best known (in the US at least) game jam, the Global Game Jam?

Game jams are cool, they get creative juices flowing and give pretty much anyone the opportunity to just jump in and make a game. As someone who worked primarily on videos at a game company, far away from the guts of the code, last year allowed me to jump in, help focus a team, come up with a game idea, work on art for the game and feel completely included in the design process.

Recently I have started to question participating in the jam, however. Continue reading

“the universe within…” is now available on the iPad app store!

I’ve been working in a relative closed box these days trying to finish a bunch of stuff, and had to put any and all blog posts on hold, but I am proud to say the Global Game Jam game I worked on, the universe within… is now up for FREE on the iPad app store. Check it out here.

And we submitted it to indiecade… who knows, someone might like it there too!

Next post to come the weekend before E3, stay tuned!

A closer look at the game creation process for Glorious Ending Cinematic – Molyjam 2012

You may have seen this image before (hell it’s 2 posts down) as a part of my thoughts on the MolyJam 2012. After creating the header image I realized it was better suited for a post that was about the game itself and how I went from a vague tweet to a strangely twisted game concept, and finally, a “finished” thing all in a weekend, with only 2 guys with one computer working on it. Continue reading

A look back at my Molyjam 2012 NYC experience

Moly Jam

This past weekend I participated in the New York City branch of the first ever “Molyjam”, a game jam based on the tweets of “@petermolydeux”, the parody account that is known for vague and sometimes entertaining game design ideas to mock Peter Molyneux, a game designer who is infamous for coming up with (but not really delivering on) all manner of vague and overly ambitious game design concepts.

Ever since participating in my first game jam, the Global Game Jam 2012, and going to GDC, I have been itchy to just create experimental games, so I pretty much had to see what I could do during Molyjam, provided it made it’s way to New York City. I was surprised to see it blow up from a Google doc to a world wide event and that just further cemented my need to take part in it. Thanks to Ben Johnson, a local game designer, and Parsons/The New School, the MolyJam became a real thing in New York City and thus began my second game jam, which ended up being quite different from my first. In the end I had a new game to show off, and I’m again, very proud of that.

So here are my observations and overall thoughts on how the whole thing panned out for me, including stuff specifically about the MolyJam as well as analysis of working on the game we ended up finishing, “Glorious Ending Cinematic”. Continue reading

My Global Game Jam 2012 Experience

This was my first game jam of any sort and I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I participated in the Mechanics, Dynamics and Aesthetics weekend event presented by Marc LeBlanc at the NYU Game Center last year, but that was comprised of a few quick group projects where finished products didn’t really matter and the purpose was learning how to fail quick primarily with some early physical prototypes that can be played as more of an option. The Game Jam, however, was a place where I was going to spend the weekend working with a team and I wanted to be able to walk away with a project, something that could at least let me tell myself, “I made this and I like it”.

I’m used to working at a big company, and not in the most hands on fashion when it comes down to the coding, design, or even art. I mean, I made video assets for over 4 years. But what I worked on at my job I was usually the front runner and the most knowledgeable of the craft. Now I was heading over to be a part of a large group of artists, programmers and straight up designers who have done the Game Jam, or something like it, before. It was very intimidating to say the least. I was being ripped out of my comfort zone. Continue reading