Playing Bayonetta… reminds me of what I don’t like about God of War

Despite buying the game on the day of release, I didn’t get to put too much time into Bayonetta as I was obsessed with Darksiders and then Super Street Fighter ate my time along with work. I just recently picked it back up and I’m having a lot pure, outright fun.

Now everything isn’t perfect as the game likes to keep throwing out batshit insane mythos babble like it’s going out of style, but I enjoy that babble for what it is, a fun and wacky ride through mangled Christian mythos with a very slight serious undertone. The game also suffers from a case of throwing out too many action sequences that are just to be watched and usually far and away over the top from what you can actually do to the point where I keep expecting to be able to play the game, getting disappointed every time. But when the cutscenes aren’t playing and I am, I am having a fucking blast, which makes up for the time spent waiting for a cutscene to end. Continue reading