From concept to sprite

The drawing you see here is a design that I labored over for awhile back when this game wasn’t a simple(r) 8 bit brawler but instead a brawler that, while on a 2D plane, might have used shading similar to SF IV (or even high res sprites) which was a foolish idea, especially for a first game creation project. I know the art doesn’t look all that great from a technical stand point (coloring sucks first off) and certain things might be super wrong about the anatomy but I think the design here is very strong. Very iconic and easy to then turn into a sprite of the character, which is the most important factor in using the design in the first place.

What do you think?

New game artwork, my first background frame

This is the frame that will be the background for all of my initial tests with animation, control, fighting engine, upgrade system, etc. I think it’s better to get it right on one frame with a one on one fight and then continue it to create a whole stage. There’s no HUD yet and I honestly don’t know where it will go. The resolution might look a little odd because it’s currently at scaled at 75% of it’s original size (to fit within the formatting confines of the site) and because it’s built to be able to scroll up and down (like Turtles on the NES) based on how close to the bottom of the screen the player moves.

Let me know what you think!

Some artwork of the female protagonist

Lisa prod art

This is the first finished line drawing of the lady on the good guys team. The picture was created by my fiancée and I absolutely love it. We’re still working on finalizing a look for the coloring and the like, but I think we’re getting off to a great start.

Her name, for now, is Lisa. She’s Puerto Rican & (avoiding the common stereotype) she is not the “fast but weak” female character. Instead she is more the middle character, not the strongest, not the fastest.

I’ve spent a lot of time on designing/drawing Brad, the “main” guy, and on the other male player character, but I always wanted my fiancée to take a stab at designing the woman hero because I hate the way I draw women and I feel like she needs the most attention to be an iconic character who can boil down into sprite easily while not looking too similar to the other gaming female icons out there.

For a comparison, here’s my extremely rough sketch. Seriously, I took about 5 minutes on this, but I knew nothing I did would be able to rival my lady’s skill.

lisa example 2

Some very rough production art

Brad Production Art

This is the character that I have worked the most on, in some ways the “hero” character, though there are 3 protagonists to choose from. Right now I’m roughing out a mock layout for a picture of all three characters for my fiancée to redraw and actually make look presentable, but I kinda like how this has been coming out.

What do you think?

Some more sprite interaction

This is a representative animation of our hero, Brad, gut punching Ugly John and lifting him up; probably with some bad intentions. This was done in photoshop (where I do all of my animating) and was just a test to see how things might look in a game type situation. Because of the way photoshop animates, Ugly John is stuck moving at the same slowed down pace as Brad, the bigger, stronger character, but of course when these guys are up and running in some sort of playable form, they will be animated at different speeds. Also, I cut straight to the gut punch just to shorten the animation for this test. Usually it would need a little more punches to the chin before activating, like most brawlers out there… if this were an actual game.

This is probably the last interaction piece that I do until Brad and Ugly John are done completely (full sprite sheet) and ready for my pal to start the whole interactive process. And while he does that, I will continue the whole writing a design doc thing that I’ve been working on for so long. Continue reading

And now for something a little different…

knockdown sketch

I have been trying to make a getting knocked down sprite for a few days now, and end up keep going to sleep unsatisfied. Today I decided to fire up the old Sketchbook pro and dick around for a bit. I always forget that sometimes its just easiest to sketch out an idea and then recreate it in sprite form… in fact that is the preferred method.

I ended up with this after I decided to keep going after the basic sketch was done. I hope you enjoy it.