Consulting for Indie Devs

What is this? : Indie game developer focused consulting focusing on –

Who am I? : I’m Shawn Alexander Allen, founder of NYC based Nuchallenger where I work on a daily basis to develop my own games, including (but not limited to) Treachery in Beatdown City & Corporate Vandals. (my first game jam game, made with 4 other talented folks, was featured on Kotaku).


I used to work on trailers at Rockstar Games that have been seen by millions of people.

I have worked on every level of game creation aside from coding. In 2014 I ran a successful kickstarter for >$50K. As a play tester I have an acute sense of when a game’s options menu sucks, or the game feel is just off.

I speak/write about race and representation in the games industry and work with people of varying backgrounds get more creators and creations to reflect the diversity of the world that we live in.

I also run a podcast where I go even deeper and highlight specific micro and macro aggressions in narrative, design, and marketing of games, comics and other pop culture.

Twitter: @anuchallenger

What will I do for you?:

I know being an indie dev is all about the hustle. Budgets fluctuate highly, as can team size, expertise, and makeup (something I have written about many times). The services I am offering below are geared toward making your game/marketing better, and can scale in cost based on a variety of factors.

Each service is offered separately.

Diversity narrative: This will be a critical look at how your game handles diversity (or lack thereof) with a report/skype calls on how to work on representation so that it naturally fits in with the game you want to make. I will also work with other people in various marginalized groups to inform the report writing on a game to game basis.

Visual & Audio/Game Feel feedback: Do you need some art direction? Or do you need someone’s hands on your project for the sake of getting it to feel right? I will take a look at your game and talk you through color theory, key art quality, lighting, etc. and how it all relates to how your game feels/plays.

Crowdfunding: Are you thinking of crowdfunding your game? You probably know already, but a crowdfunding campaign is a lot of work to do alone, and without the right feedback ahead of time can be a massive disaster. Even launching one week before or after a game’s launch date, an upcoming event, etc. could hurt any possible chance to gain recognition.

Trailer creation/editing: Do you need a trailer for your game? Would you like it to be made by a guy who worked on some of the biggest trailers seen by millions of people? Of course you do! But you might not have the cash to pump out that high end live action trailer of your dreams. Honestly, you might just need a well cut together trailer that shows off your game to the masses. I will do all of the gameplay capture, trailer editing and type design using whatever assets you can get me. Need me to create some? No problem!

Diverse team mentoring: Does your team consist of/or is led by developers from a marginalized background? Are you looking for feedback on art/music/game feel/design/crowdfunding? Once a month I will give one free evaluation to a project created by a team that features people of color and/or varied genders on any of the above. (this will also be up to my discretion)

Why am I doing this?: I want diversity and inclusion to be a bigger thing, and I think most people would agree. This goes from the design teams to the gameplay styles to even the styles of trailers and marketing tactics. I watch many people fail at one or more of these and I’d like to share my unique take and expertise on these situations.

Pricing: We are aiming this primarily at independent developers price wise and I want to help you succeed so pricing will be flexible based on a number of factors. I can scale up to work with larger AAA games as well.

Still interested? GOOD! Email me at the address below to get on the path toward improving your game. Please let me know what service(s) you are interested in and include a little about you/your team, your proposed budget and have some links to pertinent work ready.