Deconstructing the Game: Darksiders

War is a bulky character who, for the most part, controls very well but, when it comes to jumping, he unfortunately lives up to his bulky nature. There seems to be a slight delay in pressing the jump button and War actually jumping, and this, along with some other slow properties, gets in the way of what could be a smoother mechanic.

A basic jump often doesn’t get high enough to get over small embankments without several tries because of some seemingly invisible jumping barrier, a quirk in the timing of when you should jump vs. when the jump will be most effective and the strange, low height arc of War’s jump. The jumps look like they should make it, but the aforementioned issues just leave you landing in an awkward fashion. This can happen when the player is in a dire situation and trying to get away from a potentially fatal battle or just simply while navigating a dungeon.

Even double jumping seems to hit that same invisible wall if the initial leap isn’t high enough when, to me, it really looks like it is. It gets annoying when trying to just hop up over a relatively tiny step to continue through a dungeon and having to spend more than the millisecond that it should take to continue onward. It interrupts play and constantly reminds me that I am, in fact, playing a game.

Then on a whole other matter, the designer(s) of War clearly never learned Super Mario Bros. walking toward cliff etiquette, as War drops like a stone if you attempt to stick one foot slightly over the edge. This wouldn’t be such an issue if the jumps weren’t from cliffs that are visibly blocked by War’s massive physique thus skewing my depth perception leaving me to think I may have that one more step and then, bam, I fall off the cliff and possibly lose some health and/or time/or even die.