Deconstructing the Game: Mass Effect 2

Because of the issue, I wish someone would have at least fixed the menu and added an auto weapon customization option where I wouldn’t have had to manually upgrade each players weapon (even if it was just 2 or three times during the whole game) and make it either less cluttered with text or include basic non numerical stats (like a Blue + to indicate greater damage done or something similar) to really sell the damaging capabilities of each weapon.

Not enough variety to combat and missions: A large portion of Mass Effect 2’s mission structure revolves around the objective to kill every enemy that might cross your path. This is disappointing since Mass Effect 1 made a conscious effort to create some diverse gameplay. Sure the tank was one of the most obnoxious “diversifying” gameplay aspects of recent memory, but it was at least an idea to keep the player engaged by having him do different things and giving the opportunity to fight more enemies and participate in more action outside of the the third person cover based shooting.

While the shooter aspect of Mass Effect 2 has gotten extremely better, it would have been nice to see the same ambition of the first game’s gameplay present as well. It’s not a major issue, because the gameplay is fun and diversifies from time to time, but it’s just disappointing that the gameplay options were reduced and not expanded and I felt this whenever I got a bit tired of just sweeping in and killing everything almost the same way every time.

The missions could have been more varied had the combat set ups lead the charge. There was one combat section that I liked in ME 1 where you are fighting outside in trenches of the outer area of a ship with giant guns ready to blow your head off if you came out of cover (or if your fool AI decided to sit still and shoot at them as was the norm). In ME2 it never really gets to that point. All of the enemies are roughly your same size and with the exception of some mini boss types that would take a few more hits to destroy, the enemies were pretty much mostly cannon fodder. I’ll say again that there were exceptions, but they were the exceptions that proved how limited the overall palette of enemies was.

Also, where did the grenades go?