Deconstructing the Game: Mass Effect 2

The invisible walls of conversations: I like that Mass Effect 2 expanded on the previous game’s romancing options by offering some more options for characters to have romantic relationships with, but the system is still fairly flawed. Having regular conversations with the opposite sex (party members) will eventually lock you into that partner, and then attempts to chat it up with other prospects are shut down with simple “I’m busy, can it wait?” type dialog.

This is especially problematic because of the dynamic nature of collecting party members. ME2 is set up like 1 where you have a human woman and a man as your ship/party members from the beginning that you can have deeper conversations with and have your way with eventually. The problem here is you might find a more suitable suitor later on, but by that time if you had tried to talk to your main crew member of the opposite sex you may get have gotten locked into a relationship. One should be able to learn more about a crew member without locking in romantic feelings, especially when you say something like “Just trying to get to know you” while avoiding the more flirtatious come backs.

The lack of options for same sex “official” relationships (there are side relationships that are open to both sexes, similar to Liara from ME1) is kinda strange and narrow minded. Just make it even harder to seduce someone who is not usually attracted to the same sex. This isn’t me just being a perv who wanted to get with Miranda as my woman Shepard, it’s more my opinion that if you create a feature, and then improve it, you should go all out. It’s the new millennium, gay, straight, it’s all the same.

Hurdle Jumping +5:There are a few times in ME2 where I could not for the life of me find any way out of an area that didn’t require repeated going into cover and then hurdling over the cover. It could be 3 or 4 barriers in a row, but even if it was just 1, it would be 1 too many.

What I really liked or felt worked extremely well:

The gunplay: The most immediately noticeable improvements to the Mass Effectiverse is the fact that the third person shooting/combat is now one of the best parts of the game and is on par with a lot of the better shooter games out there (though maybe not quite Vanquish level). Guns feel right to use. All of the gun types are for different scenarios and make sense that the end result is unique to each weapon.