Deconstructing the game: Mass Effect

Can you believe it? My girlfriend turned 37 guns into omni gel… In a row?: The inventory system, something I really didn’t initially have a problem with, started becoming a major nuisance toward the middle to end of the game. I would like someone to please tell me why am I only allowed 150 items in the game? Better yet where, pray tell, can I find out how much I actually have in my inventory besides the game incessantly telling me “You are nearing the 150 item limit… better sell something or turn the items into omni gel (ugh) or else we’ll just keep bothering you for every new item you get!” or worse, the message saying you have hit your 150 limit, the same one that pops up usually when you are trying to access your own equipment to equip something in the middle of a fight and not trying to deal with having to figure out what armor is useless enough to turn into omni gel at that particular moment.

Now I’m sure you are wondering what the fuck omni gel is. Omni gel is stuff that is used to hack into things that you failed to auto hack or to fuel the worst thing known to man, the Mako tank. No matter what each inventory item might fetch on the market, they all equal 4 units of omni gel each, which really makes no sense to me whatsoever. Omni gel is scarce in the beginning, but becomes overly abundant toward the middle to end of the game making the decision to just melt everything down into this obtusely incorporated substance become less and less of a factor.

A problem that compounds the issue of not knowing the exact number of things (I say things because the inventory counts all weapons, weapon upgrades, armor, armor upgrades, “Omni tools” (what?), and all other bullshit the same) is that you can barely keep track of which party member has what equipped, either in your immediate party or not. Hell when Shepard is by herself, you have to maneuver to some fucking lockers in the bottom of your ship just to check out who has what and when in a party of 3 you can really only check the other two people. Compounding the issue is the the game’s inane reasoning for making every character equip 4 weapons, even if a party member doesn’t really know how to use say, 3 of them, you have to baby sit their inventory to make sure that one of your characters isn’t using like an Avenger I when you have around 8 Avenger IV’s, even if he specializes in Pistols and has no use for an assault rifle.