Deconstructing the game: Mass Effect

My character could use several of the armors I found, but only one brand made any sense to use. None of what I found or could purchase ever proved to be anywhere as good as my trusty Scorpion armor, until much later in the game, and by then I was already using the medium grade version, so the new better than my early light armor er.. light armor, went to another character for about an hour before I beat the game. Awesome. When there are guns available out the ass, you would think that you could at least find another suit of armor comparable, or hell, even better than what you just had on. ME does not agree.

This might be also because Mass Effect is on the shorter side, with fewer changes of scenery than your average 40+ hour RPG, but maybe therein lies an issue. When there are tons of guns and ammo upgrades, useful armor was very scarce.

I applaud Bioware for making sure the armor looks different enough to reflect changing it, but I really got tired of looking at some desert camo outfit for the entirety of the game. Which desert was I supposed to be hiding in anyway?

And about those upgrades… when I primarily fight against either synthetics or organic life forms, I think I would tend to equip whatever gives me this massive boost against either, and so I did. I had upgrades that could add shield penetration, but reduce damage done, or something that would make my gun stronger, yet make me have to wait for it to cool down every time I shot it. Yeah, no thanks, I’ll just take the one with no consequences and go kill me some robots or aliens.

The fucking tank is TERRIBLE:
Oh ho, yeah, the tank. If you have read my Bayonetta deconstruction you will see I have already complained about shitty vehicles seemingly tacked onto a game that generally control like shit and are easily the worst part of any game, even in a great game like Bayonetta.