Deconstructing the Game: Renegade Ops

Renegade Ops. Just say it with me again. Renegade. Ops. … Bad ass.

Beyond its name I really didn’t know much about Renegade Ops. I had seen a preview or two, but I pretty much just wrote it off as some random, destined to fail XBLA title. Then I realized it was Avalanche Studios with Sega publishing, so I gave it a little more of a look. Eventually when the game was up on XBLA I downloaded the demo and I was immediately convinced I had to buy it.

Renegade Ops is a finely tuned arcade throwback vehicle shooter with an impressive current gen paint job. This may sound like many other titles on the service, but make no mistake; Renegade Ops is definitely its own game. While using two sticks, one to steer, the other to aim and shoot, you weave through beautifully rendered environments and shoot/ram/blow up everything that stands in your way all while completing mini missions toward the overall stage goal. My explanation may be an over simplification, but let me put it this way: After I bought the game, I spent the next two days pushing through until I beat it, and I don’t really do that for many titles. Renegade Ops is a downloadable gem that deserves everyone’s attention.

Now, with that praise out of the way let’s first dig into the things that I didn’t like, or hindered the experience a bit:

The controls are just a tiny bit loose: While there is a lot to like about the controls of the player vehicles in Renegade Ops, I had some issues with them as well. I’ll file this under the “not necessarily bad per say, but could have used a little more tweaking for sure” banner.