Deconstructing the Game: Renegade Ops

I just wish that on a screen somewhere between the crazy explosions and waging wars I had been told exactly what to do with the perks. Perhaps when I unlocked my 5th perk the game could have come up with a screen that let me know that hey, in order for it to take effect, I needed to actively equip it. I’m not one for slowing down games with useless tips and tutorials all over the place; I just need to know the basics at least once.

Finding secondary ammo when I have no secondary weapon equipped: This was always a frustrating thing that I would run into, killing enemies and having them drop ammo for a secondary weapon when I would have none at that moment. An easy fix, just have some weapon get dropped before any ammo gets dropped. Or if that would break the balancing, just drop nothing to avoid player confusion/frustration. It’s an obnoxious distraction otherwise, one that many games suffer from.

Lack of any character development for the “Renegades”: I really like the commanding officer in Renegade Ops. I think he’s awesome, badass, and I don’t mind working for him. Even still it would have been a great addition if any of the characters I picked had ANYTHING to say in any conversation. I know RO is going for that old school, “There’s only one dude who talks to all of the bad guys, good guys, gets the girl, etc.” cliche but there is a point where your CO goes silent and the player is just left without all of the cool voice work from before.

This isn’t really a gameplay issue in the most pure sense, but my enjoyment of the game from an aesthetic side was definitely diminished, overall hurting my experience during certain parts of the game.

Giving any of the the player characters just a few choice quips here and there during the missions with the same script based on who you are using during those parts of CO silence could have easily remedied the issue. I’m sure the budget for dialog for 4 characters just wasn’t there, but it would have made the game better in a way I think everyone who played it would have felt.