Deconstructing the Game: Renegade Ops

Destructible Environments: If you haven’t gotten the idea yet, Renegade Ops is a game about blowing things up and having fun doing it. I mentioned this just previously, but it’s really awesome that you can just drive straight through some buildings or a gun turret post to knock them over. Combined with that there are enough exploding barrels, exploding vehicles and other environmental objects to destroy, and it never gets old. Hell, you even have to blow up a giant box to set prisoners free.

The destructive nature of the game and its constant positive visual feedback of the amount of destruction you are inflicting keep the player engaged in what at the very base seems like something very simple.

Variety is the spice of guerilla warfare life: In this war being fought against an evil mastermind there are plenty of things to see and blow up. Combat is always quite varied, especially because the number enemy types are quite staggering. There are guys on foot, in jeeps, rocket trucks, mounted turrets, tanks, flame thrower vehicles, etc. etc. Then, when you think you’ve got the ground conquered, you are whisked away to the skies in the other vehicle, the helicopter that, despite some missteps, is a great addition. Then you weave around other helicopters dodging missiles shot from rocket pads and a myriad of other enemies.

And from time to time you encounter a building that needs destroying from within, but rather than force you to play more of the same but in a different interior, a meter pops up where you tap A a few times before you hear everyone and everything being demolished within. This addition of a micro game within helps to break up the game, even if it is already very diverse. Nevertheless it is very welcome.

Then there are the perks that spice up the gameplay further (once you know you have them equipped). They don’t create major mind blowing changes, but the additions to the gameplay are noticeable enough that they do matter in the long run and different combinations of perks add to the overall variety.