Deconstructing the game: Vanquish

But as I played more, I learned that it is all about choice. The choice to be greedy and hold the trigger just that much longer than letting off of it and allowing the meter to refill, at least partially, before going on my next campaign of slow motion slaughter is often a hard choice to make, when enemies are shooting missiles at you and seem to be everywhere. But paying that little extra bit of attention to your meter and overall health allows the player to be the master of his own destiny and can mean the difference between scrambling for cover amidst a flock of turrets or owning the battlefield. The environmental or enemy based overheating leaves the player being careful when to engage the area or enemy who might leave you 3 hits from death and forces him to play intelligently.

It confuses me that “professional” games “journalists” would just want unlimited badassery from Vanquish, especially since the game would probably have been flogged soundly for being too easy had that been the case. This smacks of wanting Vanquish to play more like Bayonetta (which is all about combos and over the top antics without any penalty) than like Gears of War (which plays more methodically), which Vanquish tries to do simultaneously, and does a great job of.