Deconstructing the game: Vanquish

First Person…. Conversations?: The exact opposite of a cutscene action sequence that looks so awesome that I want to play it would have to be having the game transition to first person while maintaining full control of my character and yet having to move at the slowest pace possible while letting a bunch of heads have a conversation.

I’m not particularly sure why anyone would think that I would rather walk my character at a quarter the speed than I usually do (in a game that is all about speed and shooting) while listening to corny banter (not that I really mind the corny banter, as it’s usually pretty funny) between the main characters instead of playing the awesome action sequences and letting the banter play out over that.

Interrupting the game flow to slow everything down for more story telling, in a game that doesn’t even take it’s story seriously, probably more obnoxious than an action laden except I now have the displeasure of having the slightest bit of control over my character and I don’t even want it at that point, and it is frustrating. Overall though, these parts are few and far between, so it isn’t a big beef, just something I noticed.

Some weapons just outright suck: And by weapons, I mean one in particular; the sniper rifle. This gun just doesn’t seem right for Vanquish. In a game with slide shooting and slow motion and frantic bullets flying everywhere, the last thing I want to do is aim up and have to wait to center my sight and then shoot without necessarily doing any more damage than if I just aimed my assault rifle at the enemy’s head.

The fact that there is only one part where the game purposefully slows down and you have to stealth kill a bunch of alarm beacons with the sniper rifle makes me think that the gun was an afterthought and purely made for this one level, or should I say part of a level, that didn’t seem necessary to the experience. Then someone thought to add the gun in to EVERY FUCKING STAGE as a drop which just adds another gun to the sea of weapon drops. NO, I DO NOT WANT more sniper ammo, give me a fucking shotgun or heavy weapon or i dunno, ANY OTHER FUCKING GUN, kthxby.