Deconstructing the game: Vanquish

You don’t always have optimal view for shooting: Forgive me if I’m just a gomer but I notice that when I go into slow mo, I have to take a hop to the side, and sometimes that hop leaves me ducking in a position where a barrier is right in front of my gun, and I am left unable to shoot while scrambling for better cover. This seems like a strange oversight, so I am still trying to figure out of it is just how I am playing, or something I was failing to understand… but damn if it isn’t annoying.

Though, if I am for some reason failing to understand what I am doing wrong or if it is indeed just a screwy game mechanic, I’d say that is one that should have been tested and fixed before shipping. I found myself on multiple occasions, though probably not more than 10 or 20, feeling somewhat confused at why a bar would be at that exact height to cock block my shot. I would then have to reposition myself, sometimes in a very heated firefight just to get off a few rounds. In a game that is both about being brave and cautious at the same time, the times where the aiming throws me off are some of the least enjoyable times.

Under utilization of the power slide: Another, “I may be doing it wrong” part of the game, I just don’t find the power slide so useful. It’s something shown in trailers and what not but when it comes down to the real experience, I generally don’t have enough of a meter to slide through a crazy battlefield, or at least I don’t feel like I do. On many occasions I’d feel like sliding through the battlefield instead of taking cover would leave me in a detrimental situation because I’d be quickly surrounded and without any slow mo meter to burn to escape, I’d get quickly trounced and end up at the last checkpoint for my troubles, so I just wouldn’t use it too often.

Something I used the slide for mostly, which was probably not it’s intended use, was during some of the long corridors in between sections where I wanted to move as fast as possible. Similar to the rolls of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and the long jumping in Super Mario 64, I used what felt like the fastest way to travel whenever I wanted that little boost. I forgot who mentioned this recently, but it’s funny how a user playing a game will try to figure out which is the fastest way of travel and exploit it, and the slide, which seems designed to make the battles more intense, ended up being relegated to my corridor shortening device.