Deconstructing the game: Vanquish

That’s a great choice scenario right there, but when you are about to die, the suit switches on slow mo to help you get out of harms way. The only problem is is that it drains your whole bar, regardless if you want to shut it off once you find cover or not, which then leaves you waiting for it to recharge before leaving cover again or will leave you over heated in the middle of battle. Another issue in the same vain is that if you say are overheating and getting hurt and you stop overheating, the slow mo kicks in anyway and drains your meter just as before with no remorse.

I know it is supposed to save you when things get bad, but at least give me the option to turn it off when I’ve found cover. Again, not a MAJOR issue, just one that I noticed and figured I’d point out.

Not to be that guy, but this game could have used multiplayer: As anyone who knows me will attest to, I don’t play shooters online. I may take them for a run through single player to see if the gameplay is unique enough (for example, I loved Bioshock, The Darkness, Chronicles of Riddick) or to see if the game is just compelling enough (I started but did not finish Modern Warfare) enough to warrant an actual full play through, but online shooter multiplayer just doesn’t float my boat.

BUT, on the same token shooter games are becoming a bigger and bigger genre with certain expectations and for a game with such a short campaign (for the people who don’t wish to replay a game on hard or go for high scores, ie: many people), as awesome and tight as it may be, I’d say Vanquish might have benefited from trying to keep up the status quo and have some form of multiplayer as well as some online co-op.

This isn’t a knock on the games length or level of content for me because I probably wouldn’t have touched 16 player multi (though co-op could have been sweet), but more a testament to the fact that the gameplay is so awesome that I feel it COULD have sparked a new community online and helped keep Sega more relevant in the genre. This is where my game designer goggles come off and the marketing part of my mind lights up. Vanquish is already selling for 40 bucks in places, and this could have kept it at a higher premium.