Deconstructing the game: Vanquish

Weapon Diversity: The most popular shooters these days seem to all have the same fucking weapons. I’m going to just skip COD because it’s a very terrestrial series, though that didn’t stop Perfect Dark from creating a Laptop gun… The space marine shooters Halo and Gears came up with some cool new guns many years ago but those were the last real innovations in a genre that tends towards tweaking old weapons than adding new ones. Both of those games are just sequel after sequel now with people bickering over which game had the best pistol or whatever and it just makes me sick.

Vanquish brings some standard weapons to the table but also innovates with some great new ones like the fucking awesome LFE gun that shoots out these all destroying giant bubbles that rip right through grunts and cause amazing knockdown to the bigger enemies along with the lock on laser that just looks cool as it takes out large groups in one go. There’s even this cool disc launcher that shoots these powerful discs that ricochet and just fuck up enemies days in general. And I can’t forget the lock on rocket launcher… bad ass.

Another great addition are the EMPs. In a game where most of your enemies are robots, it really helps to be able to disable several at a time and gives you this feeling of overwhelming power over the battlefield, if only for a few seconds. It’s a minor weapon addition, but really adds a lot to the overall game and battlefield strategy.

Weapon diversity and usefulness is clearly a very important part of a shooter. If the guns aren’t fun and varied, with some practical uses for each, then they bring down the overall enjoyment of the game. Every(well all but one) weapon in Vanquish can usually get you out of a jam and they are fun to use, but you will definitely find your favorites, which is very important. I love the heavy machine gun/LFE gun combo but I switch to the shotgun for close encounters.