AAA / Mobile / VR

I started my games career in AAA, went indie, and then returned to work on bigger budget mobile & VR experiences.

Max Payne 3

At Rockstar Games I shipped every game from GTA IV to GTA V, including Red Dead Redemption, LA Noire, Max Payne 3, GTA Chinatown Wars (handheld/mobile) GTA III & Max Payne on Mobile (with gameplay fine tuning).

I started working at Rockstar Games as a Game Capture artist, and eventually became team lead of my group, and on top of that worked on writing dialog, recording VO, video editing, game design analysis and fine tuning.

I worked with a core team that would grow as release time came up, or as projects required. I also worked with numerous departments/studios to make our tools better.

Home Run Derby 2020

At Major League Baseball I work on mobile Free to Play games and VR games/apps. I’ve jumped around from QA/Producer/Designer/User tester/Live Ops management/ Marketing Asset creator.

I’ve worked with teams large and small, both local and remotely, comprising of programmers, art implementers, and game artists. I created and owned design documents, roadmaps, and events planning for the year.