Corporate Vandals (Installation)

Corporate Vandals (site) is an 8+ player asymmetric multiplayer turf warfare game. Players use place and rip off stickers, draw with markers, and block with their bodies on 30″ x 30″ wall mounted boards to tackle the themes of the ongoing struggle of independent graffiti artists vs. huge corporations appropriating their style and the involvement of city governments and nonprofits to harm, or help those efforts. The game takes inspiration from graffiti documentaries, real world Hip-Hop & street culture, Go, 868 HACK, and Legacy style (Risk/Pandemic Legacy) board games.

The setup before any players were in the space

Corporate Vandals was initially commissioned by the NYU Game Center for their yearly event No Quarter in 2014. It has also been featured as a part of Indiecade East’s Night Games at the Museum of the Moving Image.

Players engaging with full physicality

On Corporate Vandals, I created every element of the game, from rules to board/graphic design. My duties on the game included:

  • Creating initial small sticker prototype, and running limited playtests
  • Designing rules for 8+ players to have asymmetric “class” system with hidden rules to encourage forced verbal/physical interactions
  • Designing boards for play
  • Designing all game art, with intent to make sure players wanted to keep stickers
  • And much, much more!