Glorious Ending Cinematic


Glorious Ending Cinematic was created during the first Molyjam in 2012. The game was a tiny experimental choice driven adventure game where players saw a tragic ending first, and had to try and recreate it through choices in the game. The gameplay comprised of multiple scenes with dialog and a “Truth or Fear” system (riffing on Donny Darko). Picking the “wrong” option would result in lowering of health. Picking the “right” option would often put the player in a frustration situation hurtling toward a grisly ending.

The inspiration came from the peter molydeux tweet


Our team comprised of 2 people – a programmer and an artist.

My contributions the project

Game Design: I designed the entire game.

Art: I created all of the art.

Production: I had to manage our time, and expectations for the project as the programmer and I both had to share a laptop to complete the game.

Project Design Goals

  • Have a playable project in less than 48 hours.
  • Learn about personal game development chops and grow.

Availability: You can download the completed project here