Treachery in Beatdown City

Treachery in Beatdown City is a comedic single player action beat ’em up RPG. Players explore a densely designed city, meet terrible people on the street, and fight them all in the name of rescuing President Orama. The fighting system is a hybrid of standard beat ’em up tropes with a turn based element that maintains an action oriented pacing, while giving players space and time to plan out and unleash their next combo.

Each of the 3 players has a unique fighting style and feel (Lisa – Medium – MMA/boxing, Bruce – Fast – Capoeira/Jeet Kune Do, Brad – Slow – Wrestling) and all enemies are bucketed into their own class types (Brawler, Sneaky, Grappler, Support, and Boss). Enemies also have their own cutscenes to introduce them, and with a mixture of character classes, encounter design, and back stories, fights take on a gameplay supported narrative (ie a cop and a gentrifier fighting a local citizen being a challenge from Support + Brawler, but also telling a story of gentrification).

On Treachery in Beatdown City, I was the primary game designer, artist, writer, producer, biz dev, marketing, etc. Basically I did as much as I could outside of writing all of the code, which I worked with a programmer for that. My duties on the game included:

  • Designing the core hybrid real time/turn based fighting mechanic
  • Designing 40+ unique class based enemies
  • Designing all of the maps and difficulty ramps
  • Balancing enemy stats
  • Drawing all in game art
  • Writing all dialog
  • Designing the camera zoom feature
  • Designing a status effect and buff system
  • Working with the coder to make sure features were implemented, and working on altering designs if needed based on technical requirements
  • Keeping track of all documentation
  • General project management – bug tracking, development roadmaps, managing QA resources, etc.
  • And much, much more!