Gaming Blurbs: E3 2011 has come & gone

The other thing I noticed, and I don’t know if it’s avoidable, is the amount of bloat that exists in the game industry. For some reason this year was the year I really noticed it. It was when I was walking by the Rocksmith bus in between halls staring at all of the ads in both directions while hordes of people walked back and forth that it really grabbed a hold of me. These companies spend a ton of money to pay for crazy looking booths, prop men & women, agencies to man stations at booths and create an overall crazy spectacle strictly to woo the corporate buyers for store chains and the same mostly borderline illiterate media (note: I say mostly because I know a good amount of press types who are smart individuals who write well and convey their gripes or interests in a meaningful way. Also, I like a couple of magazines out there still)that blogs and make video features about our games who we see all year long at every other convention or at in house media events.

The games industry is an interesting one and even with all of the things I might not agree with, I still love it and respect the people who work on all of the games that are made yearly. Many people don’t understand that it’s hard to even make a bad game, but I do, and all of the games that play I always try to give as much of a chance as possible. Sometimes the key difference between an amazing game and a generic/forgettable one is one decision to go down a certain path. So even if I’m ranting about this game or the other with whatever hyperbole I am known for, I just want to say one more time that I respect the folks who take their time to put out these games.