Gaming Blurbs: Post PAX East thoughts

On a positive note, I had a ton of fun in and around my booth and not everything has such a disheartening post PAX performance. I got to see MK again for the first time since E3 the year prior which has gone on to do phenomenally, I got to see my pal Nathan from Capybara and witness a playable copy of Clash of Heroes HD (which apparently did very well for Ubisoft, but that shouldn’t stop you from still buying it to support it), got to meet Ken Levine and shake his hand to which he immediately went for the hand sanitizer (to prevent getting sick, which he managed to escape I found out at E3 when I got a pic with him). Finally, I was able to run into an inspirational man, Jake Kazdal, and I got to finally see Skulls of the Shogun in action for the first time which I then got to try at E3 later (& you should buy as soon as it comes out).

I’m missing out on PAX Prime this year, but I’m really looking forward to East next year. Hopefully NYCC blows up even more this year with gaming related booths.