Gaming Blurbs 03/24/2011: Through fire and flames we catch Pokemon

This is going to be a space where I post whatever about gaming as it reflects on me that isn’t going to be too in depth about any one thing (and by that I mean it won’t be 6 page in depth analyses). I just need to write my thoughts up from time to time, to get them out of my head primarily, so this will be that place for me to spread my thoughts like honey on a peanut butter sandwich and for you to read them… like a person who reads things. This is probably what a podcast, should one ever be unleashed on the world by me, would read like, and if that ever becomes a reality it will be the replacement for this section.

I wanted to start this off by saying I am VERY excited for WWE All-Stars next week. I missed out on playing it at PAX (was just too damn busy being ever vigilante of being needed at my booth) but the demo I played, while limited, is as great as the videos have been showing me and it seems like there is a lot of potential to be had.

Just before PAX I had started a couple of RPGs, Pokemon and Radiant Historia, two games I was enjoying for completely different reasons. On the day I left Boston I received a third RPG, my copy of Dragon Age 2 Signature from Amazon, and nothing but regret rang through my head. I couldn’t shake the feeling that this game, a game that should by all intents and purposes be amazing and knock me off my feet, just wasn’t going to be worth my time.

My first impression of Dragon Age 2 was one centered around how much I hate the marketed protagonist. Main characters are key to me, and he just has this mid card look when compared to say, the seemingly bland bald default Shepard used for the Mass Effect advertising, and yet somehow that avatar never seemed hokey or off putting whereas I just could not get over the emo-knight looking fool who adorned all of the Dragon Age 2 assets, from commercials to boxart.

Then there was my complete and utter disinterest in playing Dragon Age Origins from the time it was released. Usually general fantasy is not a genre that I often find much interest in, but even still I was definitely at least torn on the matter of buying Origins. As the PC is not my platform of choice and the console edition was ranked as being both inferior from a gameplay stand point as well as looking like donkey doo compared to the not so technically impressive or inspired PC version… I just couldn’t pull the trigger. Perhaps a silly reason to avoid a game like that, but I simply could not abide a purchase of the title, especially with Mass Effect, a game that while not without it’s own technical hiccups, was still rather beautiful, engaging, in a genre flavor that I was more able to digest, still sitting not more than 5 hours completed on my shelf.