Gaming Blurbs 03/24/2011: Through fire and flames we catch Pokemon

Not to mention the seeming unwillingenss to do something daring with Dragon Age 2 in terms of races. Why exactly is everyone white? In Mass Effect people were white, black, asian, GREEN, BLUE, covered in hair, encased in life support armor, etc. The fact that I was confused by the first section of the demo when some woman is berating Fat Bastards little brother and she looked exactly like my Shepard er, emo-roguish whatever the hell I was, really threw me for a loop and with everyone speaking with some pan-european accent, it all got very distracting and just did not interest me one bit.

The demo began to truly seal the games fate for me as a game that I would not play immediately, and as I will generally avoid products in which I feel I am missing out because of lost DLC because of a lapse of purchase, or pre-purchase, close to or well before release, I would probably not play at all. I played through something that while having a very cool action-rpg engine that was fun to play, the game overall just left me disinterested from a story telling and thematic perspective. Coming from the glorious two Mass Effects prior, Dragon Age 2 was a fucking joke. Maybe it was a bad demo, but it was just not interesting on the role playing level that I wanted and expected from Bioware. It felt like there was a B team that worked on this while the good team worked on Mass Effect 3 and further DLC.

What really clinched my avoidance of Dragon Age 2 was, as sorry as I am to say it, the rash of negativity being spread from poorly written magazine to poorly written blog site to poorly written website pointing right at Dragon Age 2. Now, before you go accusing me of lending too much credence to the press who I so generally loathe hear me out. I had to really analyze the situation at hand. The press was generally saying that Dragon Age 2 wasn’t as good as Dragon Age Origins on the PC from a gameplay standpoint and was a much more focused and less epic tale than Origins cross platform.

The problem was, I wanted the epic tale from the first, despite never playing it, because I remember the grandiosity of Mass Effect 1 compared to 2, and having played 1 I could appreciate the more condensed and personal story in 2 more, so I felt like I was really missing something by having not played DA:O, but as I said above, that act wasn’t happening. It’s weird to say that the final straw rested on the back of such a flimsy premise surrounding the purported tales that Dragon Age 2 didn’t seem to be living up to the first so I lost interest in the series, but that’s the gist of it in the end and after selling off my Signature Edition for a 17 dollar profit, I really don’t care to look back and I don’t feel that I’m missing out on anything.