Gaming Blurbs 03/24/2011: Through fire and flames we catch Pokemon

Instead of the game facilitating making such an informed decision through explaining the fundamental properties, it sits on it’s laurels, and has for over 10 years to cause the player to defer to an additional purchase of a guide book for basic understanding of the games principal mechanics and to, in the long run, maximize enjoyment. But, as always, I buy the book and it all works well as the necessary evil that it is.

(=) This Pokemon is definitely a bit of growth for the series in areas that can often be overlooked in a series as revered as Pokemon is. Black/White sees a story with a more skewed morality around the pet/slave/cock fighting relationship that has always been just a little bit strange to me. All of the little animals that can be captured may not be as plush worthy or as iconic as say, Meowth or Bulbasaur from R/G/B/Y but they are great in their own right. In the end Pokemon is always about balancing movesets and I really don’t know how this game fairs in that respect, only time will tell.

Radiant Historia is a game that had a lot of buzz surrounding it and was wholly new and interesting to me and my purchase has been paying off in droves. I have taken chances with Atlus games in the past and have either gotten so turned off post purchase by the artwork or premise of the game afterward or just watched the game jump in the toilet price-wise while I sit and stare at it on my shelf (Ontamarama, Draglade…). I was really trying to avoid any new RPGs, especially ones with strange budget anime looking bio pic artwork.

But beyond the somewhat generic, “I think I can make iconic anime-esque characters that also kinda look like Japanese brush art” artwork that was a little off putting, the game proper just swept me off my feet with well written characters and intriguing story as well as excellent gameplay comprising of traversing diverging timelines while exploring the world and utilizing a great battle system to make sure I’m never in a rut battle wise.

(+) The music in this game is fantastic. The SNES era of game music was amazing for RPGs and I hate it when games just don’t have memorable soundtracks. Also a great soundtrack just really cements the player in the experience, and Radiant Historia’s soundtrack does an excellent job setting the tone regardless of where you are at.