Gaming Blurbs 03/24/2011: Through fire and flames we catch Pokemon

The game starts with you only having a sword that you can wield in the field to stun enemies to get a preemptive strike, but eventually he can cut down trees and interact with other objects to destroy blockades. Also, to add a positive spin to the whole searching for invisible things mechanic, there are chests hidden throughout the world that contain money and items and it’s always a pleasure to accidentally stumble onto one and that just makes me want to explore the environment to it’s fullest.

(=) I think I summed up my feelings for this game above, so I’ll just say this here: BUY IT.

And… that just about does it. Tune in next week, probably around Tuesday or Wednesday, to read more of my thoughts about various things. Should be interesting what with the 3DS launch that Sunday. I’ll also share my musings on PAX East as well.