Introducing my third hero character: Bruce!


In keeping with avoiding brawler and Steven Segal movie stereotypes, my third character is a Jamaican gentleman named Bruce. Bruce is the fastest character, but unlike Streets of Rage 2 he isn’t some little kid (not to knock that kid, he was pretty unique/cool). He’s a man in his mid twenties & loves Capoeira & Hong Kong movie style martial arts, making him a very agile & interesting to use character. He also likes to smile a lot, because things just don’t get to him, at least not visibly.

Bruce is hard to animate because a fast walk cycle can look strange with the type of stance that Bruce uses. Another thing that’s a challenge is I have to keep in mind is how best to avoid creating an over powered fast guy, or a repeat of the whole Raphael being absolutely terrible in Turtles in Time (bad range, poor damage output, quick to die, etc.)

I’d like add that things are moving forward a lot more with development. Brad can now hit an enemy until he dies & Brad can even grab/move with the enemy in limited capacity. Also, I’m working hard on something that I hope to feature here before the middle of January 2012. Happy New Year!