My Global Game Jam 2012 Experience

So when Brian suggested we do the Scribbl’d diversifier, I was a little worried. After I began drawing the galaxy, I was worried about the style I was going with and the amount of detail or lack there of that I was putting in. I would just look at my work and wonder, is this really something that looks good? When I decided to draw out the buildings of New York City from a rough approximation of the google earth view of the streets and it was taking an hour or so just to get half of the picture done, I was REALLY worried.

But in the end it was all worth it. Everyone who played the game thought the art was great, and in the end I had to agree. My style and GJ’s style are very different, to the point where it creates a dissonance in the feel of the game but also provides the game with that all important ingredient of visual diversity and because the game is a lot about the visual experience of a journey, it helped the game feel like just that. Also the diversifier kept us from getting trapped visually amidst the other pixel based games that were present or fitting into the silhouetted look norm that is currently prevalent in the indie scene (a look that we talked about pursuing).

Brainstorming was very democratic: When coming up with our game idea, nothing was ever ignored. I did what I normally do, and just verbally threw out a lot of ideas to get people talking. When an idea was good enough for the group, and a couple of group members would agree that we could go forward, we would take a moment to ask everyone if they agreed too. It took some refining and a lot of quick revising to please everyone, but in the end I think we were most successful because we didn’t go ahead until everyone was happy with the final idea for what the game would be.

Everyone worked VERY hard and fast: We definitely didn’t have any slackers in our group. Everyone was working on a number of things at once as well as constantly playtesting the game. Because of this dedication (and grouped with the fact that we had a solid idea on our first night) no one had to work over night and burn himself out which meant things could keep going forward at a steady pace.

The amount of dedication that everyone showed was always encouraging.

Great finished product: In the end we managed to push toward our deadline and get everything finished and it is a great game that can be played. It’s not perfect (and we are currently working toward fixing issues and reworking things among other stuff) but it’s more than I could have asked for 48 hours prior.

Thank you again Brian, GJ, Vikram and Jordan for an awesome weekend and for working with me to create this great game. And thank you to the Global Game Jam and the NYU Game Center for fostering such a great opportunity to meet other like minded individuals and create something special.