My thoughts on Indie Game the Movie.

Another issue I have with the movie, one that was also somewhat bred that week at GDC, was the lack of gender, and primarily for me, racial diversity in the film. This movie deals with four white dudes with one other dude in the background that barely gets to speak on camera and one woman (yay!) who isn’t making the game (but I will talk about her in a bit). Now I don’t have any problem on a base level about who the movie was made about. I fucking love Braid and Super Meat Boy and like what I’ve played of Fez so far. I have nothing against anybody because of race, gender, or whatever.

But being a half white, half black man from NYC who went to a public, specialized, tech high school with around 5000 other people of varying races and ethnicities with good mix of gender, I get culture shocked whenever I am thrust into a situation that lacks that diversity. My college was primarily white and Asian, and I was stunned. I see interviews with this developer guy and that developer guy written by this journalist guy and filmed by that other journalist guy, who all, more than likely tend to be white. The Global Game Jam 2012 in NYC, my first, was also primarily white. So I have been looking at the game industry on the whole wondering, why aren’t there more people like me in it? Where is the Hispanic representation? And where are the women of any “race” in general?

My consternation spread that week at GDC because I finally saw a deeper reality of it all, that while women were better represented than I would have thought, black and Hispanic people in general just were not there. Now the lack of a greater population of black and Hispanic developers is in itself another issue entirely, but it feels like in the effort to a movie that is aiming to tell a story about indie game development is like could go a little out of its way to diverge greatly from the norm, take some risks and do some real in depth search to find something beneath the initial layers that are all too prevailing in the tech world in general and find some people of other ethnic groups or “race” that are working on a game somewhere and feature them.

*Deep breath*