My thoughts on Indie Game the Movie.

This brings me to something else that is very troubling in the movie, the choice of the IGTM creators to feature a youtube clip of Soulja Boy talking about Braid. Inide Game the Movie has very little racial diversity aside from a couple of people (and that’s just guessing that perhaps one other person besides Jamin Warren of Kill Screen is of some something related descent), the next time a black man is featured and talking about a game, it’s Soulja Boy, and he comes off as sounding like an ignorant fool, especially how it’s used.

I get why the clip of Soulja Boy was used, in the context relating to how Jon Blow thought his game was being misunderstood, but it comes off as throwing in a black guy as the comic relief, a minstrel if you will, and that is very problematic as well as symptomatic of a lack of thought given to its use. It was probably done with the best intention, but as my (white) mom always says, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” (seriously, she said that as recently as about a week ago)

What was intended to be (I hope) a shallow joke comes off as funny for the same reason Dave Chapelle dropped his show. Dave stopped his TV show because the wrong people were laughing at his sketches for the wrong reasons. Here it is again, because people aren’t laughing with Soulja Boy; they are also certainly not laughing (at least, not from the initial gut reaction) at the layered context that the clip uses Soulja Boy, a famous music related person, talking about how Braid was made for inebriated people to enjoy and that the game really has no purpose besides rewinding time as a means to represent Jonathan Blow’s general disgust over the way Braid was “misunderstood”.

They are laughing at the guy for sounding ignorant, in a funny manner. His opinions are not being put in any light that would show them as having any merit, and at that point it comes off that the clip was misused, because it really has no purpose other than to show some black guy being stupid for the audience to laugh at.

I don’t think the clip is so absurd in its own context. I think Soulja Boy, a person who makes music that I can’t fucking stand, is entitled to have his opinion, and put it forth in the fun manner that he did. Youtube comments confirm that many people, even outside of the context of this movie, have the initial reaction of “Look at this stupid fucking rapper spewing his own dumb opinion of something I like! RAGE!”