My thoughts on Indie Game the Movie.

The lack of details about how things were dealt with monetarily bothered me too. The movie didn’t do much to back up any of these broad claims that people said like “I ran out of money”. Talking about losing funding is never backed up with any real consequences. Tommy talks about not having money to eat, but is shown concurrently at a diner. Jonathan Blow just has money, and time (it becomes very apparent that it’s easier to be an indie developer when you have your own cash to live off of). Talking to the creators of IGTM and reading some of Team Meat’s trials and tribulations gave me a deeper sense of the real peril that their endeavor was placing them in, but the movie just ignores that in favor of keeping things a lot less interesting than they could be and maintaining that ever precious story arc.

In the end a lot of my initial feelings stick. Indie Game the Movie is well shot with some great music and it all comes together as a movie pretty well. I fucking love everything that Edmund has to say. I’m thrilled as fuck that Danielle is featured at all, and I really feel for Tommy. Perhaps they should all get their own spin off reality TV series.

But quite unlike the indie games community that inspired it, the movie is missing that extra polish; that extra amount of searching for something else beyond the surface that embodies the indie game community as whole, not as the closed off segment that can afford a few thousand bucks to attend a week of networking and talks in San Francisco every year. Suffice it to say, it’s a shame how far away from its potential the movie really is. I’d say IGTM is worth a watch, for sure, if at least for how awesome the Team Meat story is.