My top games of 2011

I’ve spent over 30 hours on a game that generally takes 2-3 hours to complete but also features permanent death (1 life, no saves), random items and some imprecise controls, and The Binding of Isaac has officially become an obsession. In many ways this was my game of the year.

Renegade Ops: Read this: That article sums up my feelings on RO very well. I loved the game on pretty much every level.

Find Mii 1/2 (Nintendo 3DS): Holy shit, where did this little guy come from? I was so super psyched for the 3DS, and then it came out with some games that I liked (Pilotwings and Steel Diver are REALLY solid) but only one game I truly loved, and it was built right in.
For those that don’t know, Find Mii is Nintendo’s brilliant Mii Streetpass (literally passing other players who have their 3DSs in sleep mode) based RPG game where your fighters’ strength and powers as well as basic ability to even navigate certain rooms is governed by how often you interact with other people who own 3DSs and how good you are at communicating.

Find Mii became a daily obsession in my office with 4+ 3DSs being corralled to get more fighters that were hopefully wearing the white shirt I asked them to put on the day before or else I can’t get past the dark room, MIKE. Find Mii was the ultimate social game, making people use digital handhelds to interact with other people nearby and use team work to utterly destroy both castles.
Then, just before the end of the year, Find Mii 2 was released and it made a ton of improvements to the overall formula. Not bad for a free game and a free update. Find Mii shows that Nintendo really has some great, forward thinking ideas.

Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: I was really excited for MVC3. I bought the Collectors Edition on both consoles. And then Capcom announced a disc, not dlc based, expansion and everyone flipped. But at the end of the day, fighting games are strange beasts that need to be tweaked by the community that plays them, and this tweak was pretty damn awesome. I was in for Ghost Rider and Phoenix Wright and even though I think I’ll never understand it quite like I do Street Fighter, I appreciate the depths of the game.

I just wish it had a better single player experience like the one featured in MK. Heroes and Heralds is a nice addition.