My top games of 2011

WWE All Stars: I love arcade games, and I have a fondness for wrestling titles. All Stars managed to go from being a curiosity to being one of my favorite wrestling titles in years. The game is a blast to play and I love the explosiveness of all of the moves. It’s a riot in multiplayer as well. Not much to say other than I really enjoyed it.

Honorable mentions that I played:
Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition (& 2012): Not really a whole new game, but Street Fighter IV is my favorite fighter of this gen, so if I was counting this, it’d be towards the top of my list.
Sword & Sworcery: As of the end of last year I only played the first section of the game on a friend’s iPad, and I loved it. I’m waiting to give the game my full attention one of these days.
WWE 12 – a little too flawed, but good start at a reboot. Plus it’s got Bryan Danielson and Brock Lesnar in it, sweeeeeeet
Wizorb – Beautiful sprites, interesting RPG based take on breakout/arkanoid
Batman Arkham City – Good… even great. But I got turned off midway through because of the 10 year old sandbox mechanics and a lot of bait and switch with objectives.
Skyward Sword – Both amazing and awful at the same time… Hey Nintendo, you see how much people loved a game like Skyrim? Maybe I don’t need everything force fed to me.

Honorable mention to games I wish I had played in 11, and own: Serious Sam 3, Deus Ex, Dark Souls