Nuchallenger “favorite games of the year” #1 – Dragon’s Crown

The battle system, as I have touched on before, is simple yet complex. I primarily used the Amazon & the Dwarf who played vastly different from each other. Moves are performed free form with simplified fighting game inputs like press direction plus attack button, tap attack button or hold attack button are used to perform anything from casting magic to throwing enemies around. Combinations of moves can become deadly as the player uses resources to unlock more and more abilities. As the Amazon & the Dwarf, each has a faster, more bombastic moveset after using a high powered move that leaves them without their weapons, making that as viable a tactic as anything else and encouraging experimentation.

Combined with monster mounts, dropped weapons that can be picked up, and fairly interactive/destructible (sometimes to the player’s detriment) environments, Dragon’s Crown offers up a deep beat ’em up with a lot of mix up options leveling the playing field for novices and experts alike. People who wish to ignore the plethora of options may call the play simplistic, and focus on the lack of distinct stages to engage in, but that would be ignoring every boss in the game is unique and that enemy groupings change in increasing difficulty as the game goes on to force the players to attack them differently.

As is in a game like Punch Quest, a fantasy infinite runner with punching/jumping mechanics for iOS/Android, it is the depth of enemy scenarios that changes the stages and not necessarily the layout of the stage itself.

The game’s biggest downside is that in order to level up each character, even for multiplayer, it requires hours of grinding. For me, however, the combat is so fun per class that this is a lot more minor than had the game made the characters more similar, like Castle Crashers.

I hope this has been helpful to understand why I love Dragon’s Crown so much. Stay tuned for my second favorite game of 2013, Metal Gear Rising. Following that will be a write up of Dive Kick, and perhaps more if people enjoy these.

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