Some artwork of the female protagonist

Lisa prod art

This is the first finished line drawing of the lady on the good guys team. The picture was created by my fiancée and I absolutely love it. We’re still working on finalizing a look for the coloring and the like, but I think we’re getting off to a great start.

Her name, for now, is Lisa. She’s Puerto Rican & (avoiding the common stereotype) she is not the “fast but weak” female character. Instead she is more the middle character, not the strongest, not the fastest.

I’ve spent a lot of time on designing/drawing Brad, the “main” guy, and on the other male player character, but I always wanted my fiancée to take a stab at designing the woman hero because I hate the way I draw women and I feel like she needs the most attention to be an iconic character who can boil down into sprite easily while not looking too similar to the other gaming female icons out there.

For a comparison, here’s my extremely rough sketch. Seriously, I took about 5 minutes on this, but I knew nothing I did would be able to rival my lady’s skill.

lisa example 2