Some more sprite interaction

This is a representative animation of our hero, Brad, gut punching Ugly John and lifting him up; probably with some bad intentions. This was done in photoshop (where I do all of my animating) and was just a test to see how things might look in a game type situation. Because of the way photoshop animates, Ugly John is stuck moving at the same slowed down pace as Brad, the bigger, stronger character, but of course when these guys are up and running in some sort of playable form, they will be animated at different speeds. Also, I cut straight to the gut punch just to shorten the animation for this test. Usually it would need a little more punches to the chin before activating, like most brawlers out there… if this were an actual game.

This is probably the last interaction piece that I do until Brad and Ugly John are done completely (full sprite sheet) and ready for my pal to start the whole interactive process. And while he does that, I will continue the whole writing a design doc thing that I’ve been working on for so long.

The aim right now is to get 2 guys fighting on a single screen to test out the functionality of the gameplay and then to get that up and running in a full “demo” stage type thing that can be played through and enjoyed by all and tweaked to high heaven before any full on game would be made.

So… enjoy!