SPENT is not a game, it’s choose your own convenient propaganda

The creator of SPENT attempts to disguise the program as a legitimate item in video game medium to gain some sort of fame while I guess trying to help people realize how much it sucks to be poor through giving users less choice than some choose your own adventure books that I grew up with. But just because something is interactive with maybe 1 or 2 choices, does not make it a game and there are far too many uninteresting and flawed video games out there without adding SPENT and other wannabes to the list of boring, poorly made bullshit that does nothing for the artistry of video games and only damages what peoples perceptions of gaming should be held to.

A bigger problem is that magenta/lime green website and others like it might give the capricious and poorly created propaganda SPENT some actual press. The fact that was the case with SPENT and that it was covered on a gaming blog as a “game” even after the author played around with it once again proves the danger to the video game industry of both programs that masquerade as games and the inattentive glory whoring that gaming blogs perpetrate on the industry they attempt to cover.