Deconstructing the game: Combatribes

Ah Combatribes. Combatribes was an interesting game because, as things just sorta happened back when I was a kid, it was at my friend’s house one day after school ready to fire up in his Super Nintendo. I think he rented it, but I’m not really sure.As a kid with a whole afternoon to play after homework, I would sit there trying to beat the game mostly because I was stubborn and Combatribes was such a pain in the ass. I can’t really remember if I was having fun or just pushing through frustration, kinda like the feeling of fighting M. Bison, boss of Street Fighter II, in the arcade.

When I went back to play Combatribes as an adult looking for good brawler source material, I came up without much at all. There was a wasteland of poorly implemented mechanics where I once saw the spark of brilliance. Continue reading