Do they play video games in what?

Gibberish as a way to convey characters speaking to each other in a game is one of the worst design choices… ever.

It’s almost like leaving a kill screen in a game, because it gets me annoyed to the point where either the volume goes down or the game goes off as my eyes start bulging while animals or what have you go on sounding out shit that couldn’t even be conversation. Granted, there are some (many) games with voice acting that is atrocious as well, but I’m not talking about those games here as that is, while probably far more rampant, more likely the result of poor production planning than a dumbass thinking he is clever making a heinous error.

And at least a kid playing a game can understand Sonic saying some dumb one liners, instead of smacking his head in dumbfounded confusion while Squeely the pig oinks and burps over pages of on screen text. Continue reading